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Button-up shirts from Down N' Out feature badass designs that you'll love wearing. Most of the time, we're pretty comfy in T-shirts and jeans. Let's face it, that's the best wardrobe option for our lives. We could be getting our hands dirty at a moment's notice, and there's no point in dressing uncomfortably to impress people who don't matter.

But every once in a while, life calls for buttons and a collar on your shirt. We are here to make that less painful.

Badass Collared Shirts

Our collared biker shirts feature design elements you'll love, including Kustom Kulture-inspired artwork and high-quality embroidery. Seriously, some of these shirts have so much embroidery that we recommend getting them dry cleaned by a professional.

Our collared shirts fall into a few general categories:

  • Work shirts: Perfect for a day in the garage, these shirts are built to be tough and durable. The designs are bold and proud and feature everything from hot rods to pinup girls. If you are building a business and need something semi-professional that still keeps up a hot rod culture vibe, these are great options.
  • Standard collared shirts: Featuring plaid prints and other fabrics, these also come equipped with amazing embroidered design elements. These are good enough for a casual day at the office or a night on the town.
  • Short-sleeve button-up shirts: These combine the sharpness of a collared shirt with prints that feature everything from car parts to demons and monsters. These are fantastic for pulling compliments, if you're into that kind of thing.

Whatever you choose, you can count on Down N' Out to be your source for kick-ass collared biker shirts.